Wait... Another Vim course!?

Yes! The world needs more Vim, and I (Jesse Leite waving-hand-emoji) intend to give it to them cake-emoji

Who... Is this course for?

  • Reluctant Vimmers ...who just want to be able to edit a config file on a server floppy-disk-emoji
  • Plugin Vimmers ...who want to sprinkle Vim into their VSC*de or IDE of choice donut-emoji
  • Terminal Vimmers ...for whom it is becoming a way of life shinto-shrine-emoji
  • Neovim Hackers ...crazy peeps who can't get enough ninja-emoji

What... Will I learn in this course?

We'll start with the absolute basics, then work through making Vim part of your regular workflow, and if you stick around we'll get crazy and write plugins together smiling-face-with-sunglasses-emoji

When... Is this course?

If this interests you, please sign up to stay in the loop! love-letter-emoji